Water Heating System – Correctional Facility

Project: Kitchen and Laundry Facility water heating system.

ECWS was asked by the facility Engineers to drastically redesign and increase the operating efficiency for a correctional facility in Pennsylvania, here is what our team found at the facility:

  • (2) 3.2 MBTU PVI  – total 6.4 MBTU’s
  • 400 Gallons in storage each – total 800 Gallons
  • Operating Efficiency – 84% Brand New(due to age of heaters we can conservatively estimate this heater did not exceed 70% operating efficiency).

Upon performing proper system Engineering here is our proposed solution and the results we generated for the facility Replacement/Upgrade

  • (2)1.250 MBTU Futera Fusion – total – 2.5 MBTU
  • 450 Gallons in storage
  • Operating Efficiency – 96%
  • 5:1 Turndown ratio

Savings generated by equipment upgrade

  • Reduced System Size from 6.4 MBTU’s to 2.5 MBTU’s that is a 60% reduction in the system size and since the PVI did not modulate it consumed the full BTU size regardless of usage.
  • Reduced the system storage from 800 gallons to 450 gallons that is a 40% reduction in hot water storage tank size and in turn stand by heat loss.
  • Increased the operating efficiency from 84%(as per the brochure not taking into account efficiency loss due to age) to 96% Operating Efficiency that is a 12% increase in operating efficiency.
  • Additionally our heaters offer 5:1 Modulation which allow the heaters to produce only as much hot water as there is actual demand, further reducing utility consumption.

If you are interested we would greatly appreciate the opportunity to generate comparable results at your facilities, please keep us mind when working on your 2013 Capex projects.  We can deliver the most dramatic return on your investment!

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