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Water Treatment


ECWS extensive product line offers sound solutions to water treatment problems in markets ranging from light commercial to heavy industrial installations and accomplished using either our standard constructed equipment or specially engineered to comply with detailed customer specifications.

Our experienced sales and engineering staff are ready to assist you in system design, specification definition, CAD system drawings, and detailed price proposals for your specific application. We will incorporate one or perhaps a combination of the following water treatment technologies to solve your problem:

  • MEDIA FILTRATION – For suspended solids reduction, iron removal, dechlorination, taste & odor reduction, and pH neutralization from both city and private well water supplies.
  • WATER SOFTENING – Used to convert calcium and magnesium compounds in water (limestone hardness) into more soluble sodium compounds with the aid of polymeric cation exchange resins that are regenerated with salt. Hardness removal eliminates scale build-up in equipment and piping systems as well as drastically improving the effectiveness of most cleaning processes using soaps and detergents.
  • DEALKALIZATION – Used to convert alkalinity, sulfate, and nitrate compounds in water into chloride compounds with the aid of polymeric anion exchange resins that are regenerated with salt and caustic soda. With water softener pretreatment, dealkalizer systems reduce incoming alkalinity up to 90% resulting in increased boiler cycles of concentrations for lower blowdown rates and subsequently lower fuel costs. Alkalinity removal also prevents CO2 formation in steam, which is a major source of corrosion in steam and condensate lines.
  • DEIONIZATION – An ion exchange process for producing high purity water with most of the Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) removed. Utilizes both cation and anion polymeric exchange resins either in distinct vessels (Separate-Bed) or in a common vessel (Mixed-Bed) for higher purity systems. Both systems use acid (sulfuric or hydrochloric) and caustic soda for the resin regeneration process. May require turbidity, iron, and chlorine removal as pre-treatment depending on the water supply.
  • REVERSE OSMOSIS – A mechanical process for producing high purity water as an alternative to traditional ion exchange when higher levels of TDS removal are not required. Utilizes a high pressure pump to force water through a semi-permeable membrane for removal of TDS on the order of 98% or more. Superior rejection of bacteria, particles, and larger organic impurities is also accomplished. It also serves as an excellent pre-treatment to deionization in higher purity systems for lower regeneration costs. Specialty membrane processes such as two-pass, nanofiltration and ultrafiltration are also available. May require turbidity, iron, hardness, and chlorine removal as pre-treatment depending on the water supply.