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Hard Water Conditions

Hard Water Conditions: Hard water conditions can drastically reduce your heaters operating life. Different heaters respond differently to different levels of hardness. But regardless of the heater if you have hard water it will negatively affect the performance of your heater and cause it to fail prematurely. If you are experiencing problems with your heater and you suspect they are water quality related – have it tested ASAP!

How to deal with Hard Water?

The first and most important step to take is to have your water tested. ECWS offers a complimentary water analysis service to all of our clients. In order to correctly test your water supply please provide us with a 1-liter sample from your water source. Please email or call us for details. Once we have had a chance to analyze the sample we will provide you with the laboratory results and can discuss your options on how to deal with this issue.

Possible Solutions: Hard water is a problem but with the right equipment and maintenance it can be dealt with effectively. There are several solutions available to combat this problem:

1) Cupronickel Heat Exchanger – This is a solution that is available on our Dominator, FIII and Futera Fusion Series heaters, this feature along with a hard water pump package allows heaters to operate in harsh conditions.

2) Water Softeners – ECWS offers custom water treatment solutions. Based upon the specific water conditions at your facility and the flow rate requirements our team can engineer a complete Water Softener System. Please remember that a Softener requires routine maintenance and replenishment of salt etc.

3) In-direct Heat Exchangers – ECWS can convert any of our heaters into an indirect system by adding a second heat exchanger to the main heater, thus protecting the heater itself.

4) Flushing Heat Exchangers – ECWS recommends flushing your heat exchangers on a yearly basis with a biodegradable nonacidic solution. Call us for details.

This is what hard water can do to your pipes and water heater tubes.