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For each project we undertake we properly calculate the hot water demand based on usage and on-site conditions.  This allows us to eliminate costly over-sizing and deliver maximum operating efficiency.  We can offer several solutions at various efficiency and price levels to fit each projects unique requirements and budget. Filling out the form below will allow us to engineer a system to specifically fit your facility’s needs, so contact us today!

Hot Water Heater Sizing Form
 High Efficiency Water Heaters

The operating efficiency of a water heater can greatly affect the expenses of your facility. Depending on the style of heater you are considering you can expect different results. Listed below are the different levels of efficiency heaters we offer:

Atmospheric Heaters(Spectrum and 8800 and 8900 Series): True to its name, the heater is open to the atmosphere, meaning its performance can be affected by fluctuations in temperature or oxygen availability. These heaters operate at up to 82% efficiency, meaning that for every $1 of gas purchased, one heater extracts $0.82 of energy.

Sealed and Pressurized Heaters(Dominator Series): Although these heaters operate on the same principle as atmospheric heaters, they are sealed rather than open to the elements. This allows the flow of oxygen to be controlled, resulting in steady combustion and an increase in operating efficiency. These heaters operate at up to 85% efficiency, meaning that for every $1 of gas purchased, one heater can extract $0.85 of energy.

Semi-Condensing Heaters(FIII Series): These heaters extract a portion of the energy from the exhaust gasses created during combustion, allowing them to operate at up to 89% operating efficiency, meaning that for every $1 of gas purchased, one heater $0.89 of energy.

Condensing Heaters(Futera Fusion and Infinity Series): These heaters fully extract the trapped energy in exhaust gasses created during combustion. By utilizing a 2 Pass Heat exchanger they can operate at up to 99% efficiency, meaning that for $1 of gas purchased $0.99 of energy is extracted.

When does High Efficiency make sense? Every situation and system is different, our team can determine your water heating costs and the ROI (Return On Investment) for each solution to help you find one that fits your needs.

 Water Heating System Engineering:

ECWS offers water heating systems from small commercial to large commercial/industrial applications. Our clients include: apartment buildings, coin laundries, industrial Laundries, hospitals, retirement homes, hotels, motels, correctional facilities, military facilities, dormitories and facilities for universities, and water parks. We offer water heating solutions ranging from Atmospheric Heaters at 82% operating efficiency to Fully Condensing Heaters at up to 99% operating efficiency.

We offer heaters as small as 150,000 BTU and as large as 10,000,000 BTU.

If you are seeking to build a new facility, replace, upgrade, or reduce operating costs, contact us and let our team engineer a solution for you.