Softener Installation

Recently ECWS replaced a non functional water softener with a 3000 grain a ECWS 300-2 salt based water softener. This is a 286 room hotel with 12 grains of hardness and a PH of 9.2. We looked at installing an anti scale system but with the PH being above 7.8 this was not an option. The boiler room was on the roof where you had to take stairs up to a single door entrance. The old system had to be cut up and taken out in pieces. We removed over 60 bags of sand, gravel and media. The system had been in bypass for months so the task was daunting. It is never a good thing to leave a system idle or in bypass. The crew arrived on Monday afternoon and had the new system operational by Wednesday afternoon. In less than 24 hours the hotel had used over 13,000 gallons of water. The new system is only treating the cold water side that feeds the water heaters. Most companies treat all incoming water but ECWS does not feel that all water needs softening. In some situations it is necessary but not all. You use a softener to treat the hardness. Scale is only created once the water is heated up. Scale forms in water heaters, sinks, showers from the hot water side not the cold water side, so why treat all of your water? You are mixing the hot and cold after the heater so its not always needed to treat all water.