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Indirect Systems

ECWS offers Pre-Plumbed indirect heat system to customers with bad water for protection of the water heaters themselves. We can fit them to your existing heaters or fabricate a system with a new heater. We are offer anything from digital to analog temperature gauges. With these packages you save on installation as well protecting your water heater.

ECWS can also offer onsite installations and our workmanship is guaranteed. We use the best copper and pro-press fittings. We are not the least expensive but our quality is second to none.


Below is a system we built for a correctional facility that has terrible water quality. We built the system with an RBI Futera Fll FW750 and a digital readout so they can monitor the heaters input and the secondary heat ex-changers output. They were able to install this themselves keeping their installation costs to a minimum.





The system below ECWS installed onsite to a RBI CW1000. Their water quality was approximately 22 grains of hardness so now being able to flush the secondary they have saved the water heater from damage.