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Template Assisted Crystallization System

What is a Template Assisted Crystallization System?

A non-salt system that treats the water

How does OneFlow® TAC work?

OneFlow media granules provide nucleation sites that cause dissolved calcium, magnesium and bicarbonate to combine into microscopic crystals. Once formed, these crystals detach from the media and flow freely through the system.

“Hard” water contains a high mineral content (primarily calcium and magnesium that naturally occur in groundwater). Over time, hard water can cause the scale to build up in pipes and plumbing, increasing your energy costs and shortening the life of your appliances.

OneFlow VS Traditional Softener

Water softeners remove minerals from hard water through an ion exchange process. This requires salt, electricity, and a regeneration cycle that periodically flushes water down the drain. Water softener use is restricted in a number of drought-affected regions across the US because treatment plants are unable to remove salt, making the reclaimed water unusable for irrigation.

OneFlow TAC Water Softener
Process Physically binds hardness ions together to prevent them from forming scale Exchanges hardness ions with sodium ions
Maintenance Generally replace cartridge or media every 3 years Periodically refill with salt
Drainage None required Regeneration wastewater with high mineral and salt levels
Electricity None required Required
Benefits Scale formation prevented 
Low life cycle cost 
Permitted in locations with restrictions on water softeners
Small installation footprint 
No salt, electricity or drainage required
Scale formation prevented 
Water feels soft 
Soaps foam better 
Dishes have less soft mineral deposits
Drawbacks Soft scale may form on surfaces (easily removed with a damp cloth) Purchase, transportation, and storage of salt 
Requires drain and electricity 
Requires bypass plumbing to provide untreated water for plants 
Treating hard water can cause high salt levels in drinking water 
Municipal treatment plants have difficulty removing added salt from reclaimed water making it unsuitable for irrigation or recharging aquifers

OneFlow Anti-Scale Systems (10 to 75 GPM)

OF744-10, OF844-12, OF948-16, OF1054-20 and OF1252-30 (Up to 30 GPM)
OF1465-50TM and OF1665-75TM (50 and 75 GPM)

Flexible option for point-of-entry or point-of-use installation. Models are available for systems from 10 to 75 GPM. Tanks can be plumbed in parallel for achieving flow rates up to 1000 GPM.

  • Units come with pre-filled media
  • OneFlow media should be replaced every 3 years
  • 3/4″ to 1-1/4″ connection sizes (OF744-10, OF844-12, OF948-16, OF1054-20 and OF1252-30)
  • 2″ connection size (OF1465-50TM and OF1665-75TM)