LCD Dominator Series


600-2,300 MBH | On/Off or 2-Stage

The LCD Dominator Series offers a competitively priced indoor/outdoor boiler and hot water heating unit that meets low NOx requirements, while maintaining superior performance and serviceability that RBI is known for. The LCD provides dependable performance in a wide range of rugged environments and process applications with a wide 600 to 2,300 MBH range.

At the heart of the unit is a sealed combustion chamber that provides the flexibility of using either outside air or mechanical room air for combustion. Providing better performance while being priced in line with atmospheric boilers on the market, the LCD features smaller vent sizes, resulting in lower boiler installation and operation costs.

The LCD features a robust, compact design that is constructed with high-quality materials, which, when paired with a proven pilot ignition system and a wide variety of venting options, makes this unit one of the most dependable non-condensing boilers in the commercial boiler market.

Features and Benefits:

  • 600-2,300 MBH
  • Finned Copper Tube Heat Exchanger
  • On/Off, All Sizes 2-Stage, 600-2,300
  • Cast Iron Headers (Boilers)
  • Bronze Headers (Water Heaters)
  • Category I Vertical Venting
  • Category III Thru-Wall Venting (up to 35’)
  • Slide-Out Heat Exchanger
  • Stackable Frame (Seismic Approval up to Zone 4)

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