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Correctional Facilities

A properly functioning hot water system is essential to daily operations and, most importantly, the safety of a correctional facilities employees.  ECWS recognizes the importance of water heaters for a correctional facilities’ showers, kitchen, and laundry operations. We pride ourselves on having a team of engineers, designers, and installers that specialize in the corrections industry and are hand-picked to be able to attain security clearance for any facility. We utilize the latest technology, such as pro-press, in order to minimize the time of each installation.

Additionally, we work with the Wardens and Assistant Wardens to minimize any intrusion on the facilities’ schedule or operations. In some instances, our installers have worked through the night to ensure that a facility has hot water first thing in the morning. Our team has designed and installed boilers and water heaters in some of the most challenging correctional facilities across the continental United States.

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