HeatNet Controls

Heat Net’s proprietary design allows for seamless flash drive or laptop driven updateable firmware adding continuous value and boiler system control without the need for physical control platform updates that can make some equipment obsolete.  Electronics are located in a self-contained control enclosure through which all internal components and terminal blocks are easily accessed via a hinged, swing open door panel on the front of all units.

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HeatNet Bridge Addressing Worksheet
HeatNet Communication Protocols v1.01
FIII Modbus Registers
FIII Lonworks Network Variables
FIII BACnet Objects v2.40
FIII BACnet Objects (Legacy)

Installation Manual

HeatNet Installation Manual

Technical Guides

HeatNet Bridge Installation
Changing IP Settings on a HeatNet Bridge
Downloading a configuration file on a HeatNet Bridge
Updating Firmware on a HeatNet Control v1.00
Uploading the LonWorks XIF from a HeatNet Bridge v1.00
Setting the LonWorks DSN on a HeatNet Bridge v1.00
Connecting a computer to the Heat Net bridge
Changing BACnet settings on a HeatNet Bridge
Finding a Lost Heat Net Bridge