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Design and Engineering

ECWS Water Heater Systems

Our design and engineering team is dedicated to quality, efficiency, and value. In each project we undertake, we properly calculate the hot water demand based on demand and on site conditions. This allows us to eliminate costly over-sizing and deliver maximum operating efficiency. We can offer several solutions at various efficiency and price levels to fit each projects unique requirements and budget.

ECWS is not limited to a single type of technology. Instead, we work with our clients to engineer a solution that fits their needs for a specific project.

  • Water heaters ranging in efficiency from 82% to 98% operating efficiency
  • Water treatment solutions including water softeners, reverse osmosis systems, and “indirect”water heating.
  • Standard and custom tank sizes to fit within any foot print restrictions.
  • Boilers and tanks to tackle emergency projects.
  • Booster Pump Systems